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3 steps to your summer body!

Here it is, summer body time! Another year where there’s a rush to the latest fat loss supplements, fads, and pre holiday gym sessions (the only time of the year where this is an important place to be for some people) to hit those weight loss goals. Here’s how it goes…. 4 weeks from the holiday- PANIC! Start exercising 4-5x per week- as much CV as you can! Over zealous diet- low carb- low sugar- low fat- low nutrition- low everything. If it has calories, its probably bad right? 2 weeks in- look and feel like s***Massive blip- take away/ alcohol Bad Day- F...

Stop working hard in the gym without results and progress!

Tired of not making progress in the gym? Here’s why, and what you can do to get back to progress! Fat loss plans, muscle building plans, fitness plans. All completely different, yet most fail for the EXACT SAME reasons. The fitness and nutrition industry has spent years telling people that a magic product or plan is the reason to get results, and without it you won’t be able to progress. Weight loss? Grab a shake instead of food! Muscle building? Follow this “perfect plan”! Fitness development? Buy this new product…. You see the trend? And by the way, all of these...

Diet breaks and refeeds- The solution to winning with your diet over Christmas?

Christmas is great, but the idea of a Christmas "Diet" doesn't really spring to mind. It’s a time to catch up with families and friends, relax, reboot, and reflect on the year. But, the January resolution is an issue. It’s the year-long equivalent of “I’ll start Monday”. It gives you an excuse to hold off on your diet, and by the time November comes around, most people are already thinking of waiting until the New Year. Why? It’s obvious- the idea of a diet over the Christmas period is dreadful. It almost feels like you’re missing out on Christmas, and for those...

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