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Setting goals for fat loss! Map your journey to guarantee success!

Setting the right goals can be crucial to your fat loss success. Can you think of anything more important on your fitness journey than knowing exactly what you want to achieve, and having a realistic plan to get there? This is the foundation of success for fitness and fat loss, and yet time and time again, people set off down a road that will at best take then “the long way”, and at worst, set them further away from their goals than ever! I'll level with you, this is a little longer than usual, simply because I wanted to cover a...

6 fat loss habits for a healthier, fitter and leaner you!

This post, 6 fat loss habits, could change your life. I honestly believe that. Because everything discussed here, in just a few minutes of reading, has changed people lives. We’ve seen it over and over again. All you need to do, is read on, and apply the concepts. How would you feel if you were able to get healthier, fitter, and leaner, by following 6 simple habits. Of course, it’s context dependent. Individuals will need different approaches. And long term, monitoring and adapting this will be crucial. But for improving health and fitness (for most people generally- this is not to diagnose or...

Fat loss habits to achieve a healthier you in the new year (and why you keep doing it wrong)!

I’ve written this post to help you to change your life, or to help you pass it to someone close to help them change theirs. It’s a little longer than usual, but stick with it. These habits will make this year a success … New Year, New You, AGAIN. This was the heading on a flyer we put out a couple of years ago. It’s become almost an accepted joke with those taking up their new year’s resolutions. “This year will be different because…”, Then 3-6 weeks in, it’s all out the window- and occasionally another 12 month rolls by, with...

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