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Health First: Why we need to reopen Fitness ASAP

We are walking into a national disaster for health and fitness. Gyms being closed is more than just a short-term problem. We will be feeling the effect of this as a nation for years to come. For a month or two, this approach made sense, but 10 months since the first lockdown in the UK, it’s now time to consider the bigger picture, in particular with regards to general health and fitness. For millions of people, gyms are more than just somewhere to exercise. They’re the “third space”- the place people use to focus on themselves, and to “feel good”. We can’t...

Lockdown, Pain & Injuries

Pain and injuries during lockdown   Firstly, I just want to say this blog also relates back to Jamie and Josh’s first webinar in January (if you haven’t seen I highly recommend it), and in particular I want to draw your attention back their point of ‘Reframe the story’.  Re-evaluate where you really are, what can you realistically achieve both previously in the gym and in your current situation, what would make you happier?   Hands up, who has had workouts effect by various pains and niggles? I know I have, and it sucks.   (disclaimer: serious injuries that require surgery may need a different approach...

Why poor exercise execution is destroying your results- AND how to FIX IT!

Exercise execution is under valued by most people looking to make changes to their body. We put all of the emphasis on the training programme itself- the exercises- order- sets- reps……. All crucial components, but without good exercise execution, probably over emphasised. Great exercise execution with a solid programme can lead to truly remarkable results. But, an equally good programme with poor exercise execution can lead to minimal results, and a world of other problems. So, if you want to make progress, let’s dive in….   Interested in building a great physique? Get our FREE 6 essentials to physique eBook here! hit the link...

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