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How to diet on a body transformation!

Let me draw your attention to the title of this blog, “how to diet on a body transformation”. Not just the macro’s, calories and science of the body transformation- check out the following blogs to help you with this…. Fat loss for busy people!  Simple rules of fat loss!  but this one focuses on three awesome strategies that  make your diet possible, meaning you succeed on your fitness journey. Now, before I begin, let me start with the housekeeping. This WILL ONLY work fully if you have the following in place. You are tracking your nutrition, every day, for the duration of the plan....

Sick of the “just eat less food” Idea? How about eating more, for less calories?

Today’s blog post is a short, simple idea, yet one that is often missed by everyone looking to achieve fat loss. We are constantly being told to eat less food. But do you really need to? Basics again- we need to create a calorie deficit. To do this, we can use more energy, consume fewer calories, or both. Let’s target the consume fewer calories option (as this one is the key part of the equation). Of course, we can keep eating the same foods, just less. This will do it- you will lose weight (all other factors being equal). But… This...

Good Nutrition: Beyond the Numbers, PART 2

Again, food is MORE THAN FUEL As discussed in part one, looking at food as only fuel has its limitations- it is a recovery tool, a key component to health, a signal for your body to adapt, and much more. A good nutrition plan isn’t just about controlling energy balance, or about getting enough of any one vitamin, mineral or macronutrient- it’s about all of it. A truly considered nutrition plan should cover the following: Controls energy balance to meet our goals Has adequate protein and essential fats as a baseline Have a wide variety of nutrient dense foods included Focuses...

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