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The four C’s for success

Here are what I have found to be the top 4 factors that constitute the pillars to success in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Consistency Control Connection Concentration   Consistency Consistency is by far the most important factor in creating a legitimate lifestyle change. Being consistent with your workouts and nutrition plan, whatever that may be is a profound act of self-discipline. Put your workouts into your work calendar and treat it how you would a work meeting or appointment, be reliable and dependable on yourself. Likewise, be consistent in your diet and the choices you make for yourself. We are far...

Performance Training at Home

  For the purpose of this blog, we are going to use football as the performance sport, although the principles that I want to talk about can be used in in your training for other sports.   At the minute you might be having a very unusual mid-season break or your training and match schedule might be very different to what you are used to. Perhaps you are not playing games? Your club training, both technical-tactical and conditioning sessions have been shortened or you have reduced numbers and you’re having to adapt.  You might not even have any club training at all, and...

Mindset Manifesto

Top tips to working on your mindset when beginning your fitness journey Changing your mindset is the key to your success and this post blog offer my top tips on how you can start working on yours.   1. Firstly, no more excuses Excuses will run the whole show if you let them. You have a 9 to whenever job so don’t have time to exercise? You’re a parent to 3 kids so you don’t have time to dedicate to yourself? You don’t know the first thing about nutrition and diet, so why start now? All it takes to overcome these so-called “obstacles” is to commit...

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