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Should we all train like athletes?

Athletes are often the pinnacle of physique and performance. When you want to get really good at something, people will tell you to “look at what the best people at that are doing”. More often than not, people who have achieved success tend to do a lot of things right. So, in context of the post, athletes tend to be the people who we look at for our physical goals. Want to be leaner? Faster? Stronger? Surely this is a good starting point: do what they do? You’d be right, and also very wrong, all at once. For me as a strength and...

Building Mindset and Creating Motivation for your fitness goals

Building the right mindset and taking control of your motivation are crucial steps to achieve your fitness goals. Long term, success comes down to not only having the right plan, but making sure you develop the right mindset to move forward. The route to your fitness goals will include slip ups, stumbles, and days where you really aren’t feeling it. THAT’S OK! Your plan won’t be perfect, your progress won’t be linear, and quite honestly, regardless of commitment, you can’t control everything. You need to be comfortable with periods where you feel less motivated, and work to build this back up (I’ll...

Setting goals for fat loss! Map your journey to guarantee success!

Setting the right goals can be crucial to your fat loss success. Can you think of anything more important on your fitness journey than knowing exactly what you want to achieve, and having a realistic plan to get there? This is the foundation of success for fitness and fat loss, and yet time and time again, people set off down a road that will at best take then “the long way”, and at worst, set them further away from their goals than ever! I'll level with you, this is a little longer than usual, simply because I wanted to cover a...

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