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3 Essential tips to build more muscle without spending an extra minute in the GYM!

Building Muscle is awesome. More food, great workouts, and usually a lot of sessions where you feel like a beast! But unfortunately, most muscle building programmes are a complete failure. Now, we’re told that we need to eat enough, and follow a progressive programme (If you’re not even doing this, then what are you expecting?), but this is only a part of the equation. People get into the finer details of some aspects, and forget the bigger picture- reps vs sets, this exercise is better than that exercise, and people who have the programmes and nutrition plans broken down to...

Strength vs Physique – Training and Programming Strategies

It is well understood that when training for any goal, an intelligently structured training program is of vital importance for success. Implementing strategies that are specific to the goal of the individual will allow for the best possible results. When it comes to training for strength vs physique improvements, I frequently see training methods and principles being misapplied and not properly understood, resulting in individuals leaving massive gains on the table. I think this is mostly due to dogmatism and misinformation that exists within a lot of the fitness industry, leaving people with training styles that are sub-optimal and often...

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