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The RIGHT way to get back in the Gym!

It’s almost time to get back in the gym! Here’s what you need to know to make awesome progress over the coming months..   It’s almost time. After some hard months of home workouts, one-person garden parties on a Tuesday, and living in a mild form of chaos, we’re almost back at it! As the nation starts to return to higher levels of normality, there’s one thing that WE can’t wait for. Getting back in the gym! If you have a good gym, you know exactly what I mean. Regardless of how great your home workouts have been, they’re not the same. The...

Three HARD truths about successful home workout plans

Home workout plans can be awesome, and can 100% help you to get in great shape. They can even set you up for rapid gains when you’re back in the gym. Body composition can absolutely be making huge leaps forward, and for many, your joints won’t hate you for stepping away from heavy lifts for a couple of weeks to focus on balance, stability, and strength in those neglected areas in the gym. But here’s the thing. Home workout plans don’t mean the same thing to everyone, and can be a DISASTER for your progress if you get it wrong. Let’s...

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