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Why poor exercise execution is destroying your results- AND how to FIX IT!

Exercise execution is under valued by most people looking to make changes to their body. We put all of the emphasis on the training programme itself- the exercises- order- sets- reps……. All crucial components, but without good exercise execution, probably over emphasised. Great exercise execution with a solid programme can lead to truly remarkable results. But, an equally good programme with poor exercise execution can lead to minimal results, and a world of other problems. So, if you want to make progress, let’s dive in…. Interested in building a great physique? Get our FREE 6 essentials to physique eBook here! hit the link above to...

3 steps to your summer body!

Here it is, summer body time! Another year where there’s a rush to the latest fat loss supplements, fads, and pre holiday gym sessions (the only time of the year where this is an important place to be for some people) to hit those weight loss goals. Here’s how it goes…. 4 weeks from the holiday- PANIC! Start exercising 4-5x per week- as much CV as you can! Over zealous diet- low carb- low sugar- low fat- low nutrition- low everything. If it has calories, its probably bad right? 2 weeks in- look and feel like s***Massive blip- take away/ alcohol Bad Day- F...

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