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Top tips to manage stress eating!

Stress eating and/or emotional eating is a term all too familiar to most of us. A term that often when brought up, almost everyone in the room agrees to have struggled or to struggle with it as if it was completely normal. Stress eating is not normal- it is extremely common, but it is not normal or healthy and it is important that we talk about it. So why do we eat when we are stressed or facing difficult emotions? Because for most of us, food offers comfort. Unfortunately, it is the unhealthy foods ie. those dense in processed sugars, fats...

Stop working hard in the gym without results and progress!

Tired of not making progress in the gym? Here’s why, and what you can do to get back to progress! Fat loss plans, muscle building plans, fitness plans. All completely different, yet most fail for the EXACT SAME reasons. The fitness and nutrition industry has spent years telling people that a magic product or plan is the reason to get results, and without it you won’t be able to progress. Weight loss? Grab a shake instead of food! Muscle building? Follow this “perfect plan”! Fitness development? Buy this new product…. You see the trend? And by the way, all of these...

Why the Perfect Diet OR Awesome Training Programme doesn’t work

How to get in shape… 80% diet, 20% training…… Follow this nutrition plan to shred fat….. This training programme is perfect for fat loss…. All of these statements are fundamentally flawed, as fat loss CAN ONLY HAPPEN when both energy intake and energy output are accounted for. Let me talk you through how fat loss works, and explain that when it comes to fat loss, energy in should always be considered alongside energy out- not just from the training session, but over the entire day, repeated consistently the majority of the time for sustainable results. “Wait a minute… I lost...

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