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3 Essential tips to build more muscle without spending an extra minute in the GYM!

  Building Muscle is awesome. More food, great workouts, and usually a lot of sessions where you feel like a beast! But unfortunately, most muscle building programmes are a complete failure. Now, we’re told that we need to eat enough, and follow a progressive programme (If you’re not even doing this, then what are you expecting?), but this is only a part of the equation. People get into the finer details of some aspects, and forget the bigger picture- reps vs sets, this exercise is better than that exercise, and people who have the programmes and nutrition plans broken down to finite...

Stop working hard in the gym without results and progress!

Tired of not making progress in the gym? Here’s why, and what you can do to get back to progress! Fat loss plans, muscle building plans, fitness plans. All completely different, yet most fail for the EXACT SAME reasons. The fitness and nutrition industry has spent years telling people that a magic product or plan is the reason to get results, and without it you won’t be able to progress. Weight loss? Grab a shake instead of food! Muscle building? Follow this “perfect plan”! Fitness development? Buy this new product…. You see the trend? And by the way, all of these...

Warm up and Cool down- Important considerations for your programme

The importance of The Warm up and The Cool Down Warming up and cooling down have long been universally accepted methods to both prepare for, and aid recovery from a training session. A well-planned pre-exercise warm up routine will not only prepare you physically and mentally for the activity that is about to commence, but also serve to reduce injury risk, and improve performance during the training session and in the days following. Whether you want to maximise your muscle and strength gain, burn those extra few calories on the treadmill, or stay healthy and pain free (and we should all...

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