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Strength and Performance Improvement

You’ve heard about how important strength is to performance, right? It’s true, strength can play a key role in sports performance- or at least, in sports that work against a reasonable resistance (including sprinting/ jumping/ etc), but what do we mean by strength, and at why point is it less important to work on? First off, let’s get clear.   Absolute and Maximum Strength Often, when people talk about being strong, they talk in absolute terms. This “absolute strength” is simply the total amount of force that can be applied deliberately towards an outcome- for example, the total weight lifted - irrespective of any other...

Calories and energy balance: It’s simple, right?

Calories in, Calories out. How many times have you seen this on your social media recently as the holy grail of nutrition? The only thing you need to consider. Generally, this is talking fat loss, and although the message is wholly accurate, it can also be pretty misleading- even harmful if not fully understood. So, here’s something for athlete’s, coaches and gym goers to try to cover some of the key considerations when we’re talking energy balance.   First off, what is energy balance? Energy balance is a simple concept. If energy in (Calories we consume) exactly meets energy out (Calories we burn),...

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