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Top tips to manage stress eating!

Stress eating and/or emotional eating is a term all too familiar to most of us. A term that often when brought up, almost everyone in the room agrees to have struggled or to struggle with it as if it was completely normal. Stress eating is not normal- it is extremely common, but it is not normal or healthy and it is important that we talk about it. So why do we eat when we are stressed or facing difficult emotions? Because for most of us, food offers comfort. Unfortunately, it is the unhealthy foods ie. those dense in processed sugars, fats...

Time to put your health first!

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, here's a reminder people, put your health first!  I’ll get straight to it, unless something changes, we’re all f**ked. This was written originally before the world was on lockdown due to COVID-19, but I've updated it, as it's now probably more relevant than ever. If you heard that only those with "underlying health issues" were more at risk, and had a bit of a panic, you're not alone. I've seen lots of questions this week, generally about "how healthy do you need to be for this not to apply?".  Ask yourself, could you do more for your...

Why stress is limiting your gains!

This article is a big one, but may be one of the key things you read this year- why STRESS is limiting your gains! Not just from a muscle building perspective, but from every level of fitness and performance. “How have your stress levels been this week? What did you do to manage stress this week?” These questions are answered every week by all of our clients on the check in form. And the responses always interest me. Here’s some we see ALL the time: “Stress isn’t an issue for me so no plan needed to manage it, I just need to focus...

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