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Fat loss habits to achieve a healthier you in the new year (and why you keep doing it wrong)!

I’ve written this post to help you to change your life, or to help you pass it to someone close to help them change theirs. It’s a little longer than usual, but stick with it. These habits will make this year a success … New Year, New You, AGAIN. This was the heading on a flyer we put out a couple of years ago. It’s become almost an accepted joke with those taking up their new year’s resolutions. “This year will be different because…”, Then 3-6 weeks in, it’s all out the window- and occasionally another 12 month rolls by, with...

Making the difficult Christmas Month a success in the gym!

December again. Christmas month. That time of year where you write off your progress until January, leaving you with 4 weeks of the new year simply getting back to where you were in November. But imaging entering the new year after making good progress in December, without being a social recluse? Here’s how to have the best end to the year!   First off, it’s the same for me. Like you, December is a busy month for me. In fact, it’s probably one of my busiest months of the year in work. I have Christmas shopping to do too.  But that’s not...

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