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Why stress is limiting your gains!

This article is a big one, but may be one of the key things you read this year- why STRESS is limiting your gains! Not just from a muscle building perspective, but from every level of fitness and performance. “How have your stress levels been this week? What did you do to manage stress this week?” These questions are answered every week by all of our clients on the check in form. And the responses always interest me. Here’s some we see ALL the time: “Stress isn’t an issue for me so no plan needed to manage it, I just need to focus...

Why you need to STOP DIETING to boost your results!

Working hard, dieting hard, and not getting the results you “deserve”? Here’s a solution that will probably be the best move right now: STOP DIETING. Even if this isn’t you now, read this article, as it could save you a LOT of trouble one day. If this IS YOU now, please take the advice. This could be the moment your results start to transform! Or ignore it for a while, then come back to it in 6 months when you realise you should have listened first time… your call. So, what the hell am I talking about? After all, generally I’m telling...

Get your priorities right!

Are your priorities right to achieve your fitness goals? I’ve made this mistake. If you’re completely honest, you probably have too. In fact, you could be making it right now. You see, getting not your priorities right in fitness is a huge reason people fail to reach their goal. Think about it for a second. How many times have you said “this is it, I will achieve (insert goal here)”. Every time you make this commitment, you see yourself succeed. Maybe in your minds eye you’re walking on the beach, lean, feeling awesome. Maybe you’re hitting that huge deadlift. Maybe you’re playing...

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