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Free Yoga on International Yoga Day 21st June

Free Yoga on International Yoga Day Join us for a Free Yoga Class to celebrate International Yoga Day on Thursday 21st June  To celebrate International Yoga Day this Thursday (21st June 2018) - we'd like to invite you to a FREE Yoga class at  our new Yoga and Pilates studio based in Burnley, off Liverpool Road (opposite Sycamore Farm pub). We have a  'Yoga For All'  class at 10am-11am and Hot Vinyasa Yoga at 7.30-8.30pm . We can accommodate up to 20 people in each class so please book on to reserve your space. If you are complete beginner to Yoga - we'd...

FX OPEN DAY! Saturday 9th June 2018.

On Saturday 9th June 2018, we will officially open the new facility at FX Fitness Experience Personal Training and Performance Centre. We've been in the facility now Since April 2018, and have already achieved some awesome results in every department. We used the first few months to get used to the new facility, and launch some of our new services, including group fitness, team strength and conditioning, genetic testing, physiotherapy and more, in addition to the great work within the facility done by Your Yoga Experience. And what better way to introduce our new services to not only current members, but everyone...

FX Open Day Session Descriptions

Session 1- Using Genetics to inform Nutrition, Training and Recovery (10-10.30am) In this session, Josh will look to give an insight into the emerging benefits of understanding our genetics to optimise training, nutrition and recovery. This field is rapidly growing, and understanding what it CAN tell us, and as importantly what it CAN NOT tell us is essential. As a strength and conditioning coach, nutrition coach and personal trainer, Josh will explain how we use genetic data to inform on your ideal plan here at FX Fitness Experience. Following this session, there is the option to have your own genetic testing...

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