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The BIG PROBLEM with most gym memberships!

This article isn’t a shock to you. We know that our current “gym memberships” are failing miserably to help people to get healthy. Here’s why, but more importantly, here’s your solution. 

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Before I dive into the things you can do today to make your gym membership useful, let me take you back to the days when I used to work out in local gyms. These are the days before I’d spent over a decade studying how to really make progress. Before I’d worked with hundreds of people, and faced thousands of problems to be solved to help them to achieve their goals. Back then, I was just wanting to get healthy and get in great shape, and the “solution” offered was much the same as is offered to most of us today. A Gym membership.

I followed the suggestions. I worked out 3-4x per week. I trained both weights and CV. And being dead keen to progress, I even got the magazines with training and diet plans that were “guaranteed” to get results. And after a few years of this (even during the initial years of my studies- hell, most of this was during my first years as a “qualified” personal trainer), I’d not really got anywhere! I mean, I was doing ok. But that’s it. No matter how hard I worked, I’d do OK. Luckily, at that time, for me, OK was OK. But I know for so many of us, OK isn’t enough. We need results.

Here’s what happened. I went through phases of being highly motivated, then lacking all motivation. Phases of training to build muscle, and drop fat, and get strong, and get fit, without really understanding the utter complexity of how to make these work together. I even spent most of my “muscle building training phase” in a fat loss diet. I worked hard for those years. I probably trained far more than I ever have since. And yet, nothing.

And here lies the problem behind why gym memberships don’t work. Having a place to work out, even for those with drive and motivation, just isn’t enough to get results.


How do we really get results?

The thing that dictates results isn’t how often we go to the gym. It’s not even how hard we work when we’re there. It’s also not which diet ideology takes our fancy at the time, or what we tell ourselves we’re working out for. And here is why “gym memberships” being a solution simply doesn’t cut it.

Here’s a point I want to make absolutely clear. When it comes to exercise, your body doesn’t care what you think you’re doing.  It cares what stimulus you’re giving it, and what tools you use to follow this us.

Here are the steps we need to take to get results.

  1. Do you know what you’re looking to achieve? Sounds obvious, but without a goal, there’s no way to achieve it.
  2. Does your training programme REALLY support your goal? This can be simple or complex, but it should not only work to fit your goal, but also your life, your recovery capability, and individual considerations.
  3. Does your nutrition programme really support your goal AND work for you? Again, this should not only support the goal, but it should also consider you as an individual.
  4. Are you considering the obstacles you will face? What will stop you from achieving this? How do I make this work? Identify obstacles. Find solutions.
  5. Are you clearly monitoring your progress? Reflect on it. Adapt it when necessary.
  6. Are you regularly reviewing your plan, progress and goals?

Having a facility to train at is useful, but in no real way helps you to get any results. You see, the “I just lost motivation” reason isn’t that at all. Nor is the “I had to stop because I was injured”. And one of the most popular ones I STILL hear when doing consultations for our personal training services: “I just felt like I wasn’t getting any results”.


What’s really going on?

All of these excuses are actually something more. They’re a failing somewhere in the steps we need to take to get results (the six questions), but they’ve gone unchecked, all the way up to the point that made you feel it was down to you.

I’m telling you now, in most cases, this wasn’t your fault. This was a lack of guidance from the model of getting fit that you were always told would work. “Join a gym to lose weight”, “Join a gym to build muscle”, “Join a gym to improve health”. All great promises, but without any real substance. You see, most gym memberships simply aren’t going to help- all this does is gives you access to space to work out. Do you really think this is what’s held you back so far?

I think that the reason we struggle accepting the fact it’s a failing solution is that we can do OK, at least for a while. We think that the three weeks that we got some initial results meant it worked, and it was down to us why it stopped working.

Nope. Let’s just take a second to reframe that. Initial results mean something changed. It doesn’t mean it worked. And if you’re back with the same worries again, in most cases, the solution simply didn’t work.

Sure, it CAN work, but honestly, it probably won’t.

Should you really need to spend time and effort working out and following diets that are not optimum for you and your goals? I don’t think so, and you shouldn’t either.


We have the solution for you!

The solution is actually pretty simple. Sure, I could tell everyone to join us on our 1-1 personal training packages that have had years of proven results, but I won’t. That’s not what this article is about. It’s about helping YOU to find your solution.

Despite the issues with the approach of most “gyms”, Finding the right facility IS crucial. Being in the right environment, with the right support, will be one of the MOST IMPORTANT factors that you need to achieve your goals. That’s why we’ve added FX GYM MEMBERSHIPS, group training and customised online training to our services! With all of these products, you will have an expert coach to help you to navigate the crucial areas we discussed above, providing a training and nutrition programme customised to you, helping you to understand recovery, set clear goals, stay motivated and accountable and more! To make it even easier, we have apps to store your entire training programme, in addition to our members only community and members site, where you will find education and support in each area.


For almost a decade, we’ve been building our experience to truely give you the best service in fitness, health and performance. And we’ve just made it easier than ever to join our team.

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Josh Kennedy MSc, ASCC, CSCS

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