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The Importance of Sleep

The easiest way for an individual to get results without changing their calories or training is to simply have them sleep more.

I can guarantee if you sleep more you will lose fat, build lean muscle tissue, have more energy and have a better sex drive. Ideal sleep is between 7-9 hours, especially if your seeking a change in body composition.

So what happens when we sleep 5 hours or less??

1. leptin levels drop, meaning we decrease our key fat burning hormone.

2. Ghrelin levels go up, which is our hunger hormone. So if you want to be starving all day, do this! 

3. We increase our sugar and salt cravings. So not only are we hungry, we also crave bad foods. Not a great combination! 

4. You are said to be at a 70% chance of being obese, compared to people who sleep 7-9 hours. 

There is more than just training and calories for a change in body composition and our overall health. 

Get a set bedtime routine were you start to wind down 20-30min before bed. No phones, no TV’s just darkness and relaxation. Try and stay away from things that are going to keep our eyes alert (bright lights).

Maybe try yoga or meditation to help you learn to relax.

Short & simple for this week. Take all this into account. Make good practice and consistency!

Any questions please get in touch….

Chris Nicklin – Personal Trainer Fitness experience


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