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Too Busy to get in Shape? Think Again with our Fat loss Guide!

Reasons why people say they fail on their fat loss journey….

  • I’m too busy…
  • I don’t have time…
  • I can’t at the minute because ….

Reasons I hear all the time as to why you can’t get in shape.  Even better, the “I don’t care”. You’re reading this post, so I know you care about fat loss. The justifications as to why you can’t get what you want above are generally just your way of saying one of these options

  • I don’t know how
  • I’m afraid to waste my time and fail

I get it. I really do. How is ANYONE supposed to know how to get in great shape (or even in slightly better shape!) with all the confusing marketing for this type of diet, supplement or training programme.


Over a day you will see why to get in great shape you need the following:

·       Carbs

·       No Carbs

·       Correct macronutrients

·       Just Protein

·       Just calories

·       Lots of time

·       No time

·       Some time

·       Track food

·       But don’t track food

·       Diet water (I think it’s really a thing now!)

Are you really surprised that you’re confused? People say you need a degree to understand it…. trust me, I’ve interviewed a LOT of people with a degree in an exercise related subject who don’t!

Luckily, after getting great results with hundreds of clients over the years, we’ve made it simple (kind of, but simple enough) for you to understand what really impacts fat loss, and how YOU (yes, YOU!) can make it work alongside you’re busy schedule!

I know you’re thinking “it says YOU, but it doesn’t mean me…….”. WRONG. I MEAN YOU.

·       Busy family life

·       Busy work life

·       Stressed

·       “no time”

This system works whether you are highly advanced with training, or have never attempted to be in shape. It’s progressive.


Our Guide covers 4 key areas…

·       Mindset and Goal Setting

·       Time Efficient Training

·       Nutrition for Fat loss

·       Other Factors and Moving Forward

The activities and information in the guide get you set up for a great start to your journey, so don’t delay! GET IT NOW by signing up to our mailing list for weekly updates to help you to move forwards on your fitness, fat loss and performance Journey!

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We can’t wait to see how it helps you, so keep us informed!

Or you could always skip this and contact us directly for 1-1 support from our expert team to guide you through your journey, and do all the number crunching and planning for you! Good Luck!


Josh Kennedy MSc, ASCC, CSCS

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