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Why we avoid having a “training type”

What’s your training type?

Bodybuilding? Crossfit? Powerlifting? Elite Performance? Health and Wellness?

Here’s why we don’t sit in any specifc camp when it comes to fitness, and you probably shouldn’t either (don’t worry- this won’t upset you, but might enlighten you)!

Yesterday I had a short, but pretty interesting conversation.

Here’s how it went: “ah yeah, I’ve heard of you guys- so what type of gym is it?”

Enter my spiel of “well, we work with a lot of different types of clients, but we approach things differently. We’re focused on the individual getting results, whether that’s with our group training, 1-1 or online coaching systems”.

“Cool- I’m a powerlifter, so not for me, but cool.” End of conversation.


So, what do we do if we’ve no “set training type”?

Don’t get me wrong, the guy could be right, maybe not for him. But I’ve had the almost exact same conversation with endurance athletes, weight loss clients, field sport athletes, strength athletes, those new to exercise, those looking to improve their physique and those just looking to improve health and wellness- the only difference is that in all cases, once we explained what we do, they became clients, and leveled up their results.

It got me thinking, that’s all. Where do most people draw the line? I mean, what do YOU think is going on here?

Now, before I continue, being part of a community is awesome. And identifying as “that guy who does X” in “that gym that does Y” can be an awesome feeling. “That guy who deadlifts 300kg in the powerlifting gym”. “The girl with the best FRAN time in the Crossfit gym” or “The guy who lost 7 stone and reversed life threatening conditions in the health facility”. AWESOME.

The thing is- we can (and do) work with all of these types of people at FX.

HAVE YOU SEEN OUR TEAM? We’re like the freakin avengers of fitness, and the fact we work together on programmes rather than as individuals gives us huge insights into finding the best approach. This approach, with this group of individuals = crazy results.

But here’s the basics- If you can understand training theory, fitness, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology and basic physiology- then you can build an awesome programme. Dig a little deeper, and you can build an awesome programme FOR THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU.

Whether that’s general strength, sports performance, health, wellness or anything else. We’re so caught up in these ideas of how we “should train for X” that we can sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture.


What’s wrong with “having a specific camp”?

Some “old school” methods are great. And we sure as sh** don’t yet know everything, so anecdote is another awesome tool we can use, in addition to “evidence” (my issues with “evidence based only” approaches we can discuss another day).

But have you ever noticed how damn big a lot of good powelifters are? What about the fact that the best crossfitters are jacked as hell, and usually some form of multi sport athlete. Don’t get me wrong, these guys deserve HUGE credit for pushing their potential. True athletes.

But we need to understand that genetics play a huge part. Following some of these old school approaches, or all go crossfit views, I’d break.

You probably would too. Here’s why people gravitate towards sports and approaches that suit them. We like doing things we’re good at. But if we’re “built to do it”, that can limit our understanding. A lot of great athletes make poor coaches, and a lot make great coaches, it’s just not the deciding factor.

Cool, you’re getting results. Does this mean it’s the right approach for you? Not necessarily.

You can get 55% of the plan right, and be doing 45% wrong, and still be making some kind of progress.

We need to understand what’s making the adaptation.

Can we programme for strength sports? Absolutely. We do it all the time, and our team is awesome at it.

We can also  programme for body composition, same as above. And health, fatloss, and conditioning for any sport.

And we do this using ALL of the information available, not within the confines of any one “camp”.

Having no allegiance to a “specific camp” or training type means we’re free to analyse the programme, criticise what’s not helping, and utilise what will.

Want to really find your potential? Contact us now. 


Josh Kennedy, MSc, ASCC, CSCS


P.S. Sorry if this pissed you off, but give it time…

P. P. S. I’m not sorry. If you want more, check out the rest of the blog, or jump onto our podcast here! 

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