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Why Weightlifting IS for you!

FX Weightlifting Club! Starts 4th September 2018, Tuesday and Thursdays 7.30pm!


Why Weightlifting is a great sport for all!

Weightlifting in the past has been incorrectly stereotyped into being a sport for “big, naturally strong” lifters only. Weightlifting is a great sport for everyone- whatever your current strength level and training background. Anyone can get huge benefits of weightlifting, and whether your goal is simply to feel a bit healthier and in better shape, or to move more explosively in your performance, the benefits of weightlifting could be perfect for you!

Why is Weightlifting such a good option to develop strength and fitness

Weightlifting is NOT just lifting weights. In any typical gym, we can find that most people focus on the things that have very little impact on health, wellness and even short-term success, leading to an urge to find the next “fad” diet or “magic” exercise to help them to (insert goal here). The problem with this is that most popular methods of training, and a “safe programme” based on machine exercises and cardio do the opposite to what we want. They burn through muscle mass (leading to an overall reduction in lean mass), or develop strength in individual muscle groups, but not others, and not in a coordinated pattern that our body would use! This in turn, leads to a lack of training transfer to health, wellness, an can even lead to increased injury risk.

When we look at the benefits of exercise, we look for health improvement, body composition improvement, increased lean mass, improved strength, improved range of movement and mobility, core strength, and more! Weightlifting is one of the few training methods/ sports that offers all of these benefits without a trade off in some area- that’s why it’s such a great option, and used as part of most training programmes for high level athletes in ANY SPORT, as well as those who are simply looking to “get fit”.

Weightlifting is different. With an adequate training programme designed to fit the level you are currently at, weightlifting can be a great way to build strength, mobility, joint stability, power and more. This is turn leads to reduced risk of injury, improved performance in sport and life, improved body composition (more muscle mass and less fat mass if you structure it that way!), and a wide range of other benefits!



Weightlifting and Sports Performance

Weightlifting (and its derivatives) is also commonly used in strength and conditioning programmes to improve performance in elite sports worldwide! This is because of the qualities targeted by this type of training, and the association between improvements in these physical qualities and improved performance in the sport. For example, a Rugby player may use Weightlifting to maximise strength and power, two key components in success for the sport! Taken further, we may use “parts” of the weightlifting movements to develop a specific area, for example, a basketball player may include jump shrugs may be used as a tool to help them to increase the force component of a jump, or to increase overload in a more specific manner, performing a hang clean with a split landing may be appropriate for single leg movements.

These strategies (and more) can be used with great effectiveness to overload well trained systems to improve limiting factors in performance, and lead to improved performance in the sport.


Weightlifting is a safe and extremely effective way to train- providing you work with a coach qualified to coach the movements, and who understands where you are on your fitness journey. However, trying to work out the lifts either without guidence or under high levels of fatigue will not have the awesome benefits associated with weightlifting, and may even cause other issues!

How do I start!

Weightlifting is one of the most satisfying ways to train. The ability to focus throughout your session on only what’s in front of you, coordinate a smooth lift and literally see yourself getting better week on week is great, and something that few other sports can offer, let alone unstructured “gym work”.

But you’re in Luck! Here at FX, we are offering a 4 week Weightlifting block, including 2 small group coaching sessions per week, an additional strength programme to be done at any additional time in the week (this can be done at FX in off peak hours*) and individual nutrition guidence to help you to use Weightlifting to reach your goals!

All this is only £80, starting on Tuesday 4th September 2018!

Simply complete the form and we will get back to you with more information, or email to confirm your place. Hurry, as Spaces are very limited.

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