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Why you need to STOP DIETING to boost your results!

Working hard, dieting hard, and not getting the results you “deserve”? Here’s a solution that will probably be the best move right now: STOP DIETING.

Even if this isn’t you now, read this article, as it could save you a LOT of trouble one day. If this IS YOU now, please take the advice. This could be the moment your results start to transform! Or ignore it for a while, then come back to it in 6 months when you realise you should have listened first time… your call.

So, what the hell am I talking about? After all, generally I’m telling you to get your head down, work hard and embrace the diet- so why would I say stop?

Like I said, this isn’t for everybody right now, but it IS for everybody at some point. And if you’re training as hard as ever, dieting harder, and still not seeing the results you want… well then this IS FOR YOU, and it’s for you to act on right now.


Your typical “Diet”!

Let me take you back to your last successful diet? I’m pretty sure I can guess the outline. You’re training increased, your calories dropped, you probably went lower carb, and you saw good results pretty quick!

“Wow- you look awesome!”. You heard this from anyone you didn’t see all the time. You got into the gym regularly, and became the “fit one”. ALL good so far.

These actions were exactly what you needed at the start of the last diet. Consume less Calories, work out more, get results. The issue shows up a little later down the line.

The entire focus of training, grossly simplified, is that your body will adapt to what you’re doing. The same training won’t produce the same response after a while. The same calorie amount won’t create as much of a deficit after a while. So what do we do? Work harder, diet more. Slowly but surely, the results start to slow down, until the balance is so far off between the work you put in and the results that you get out, that you physically struggle to see ANY results with training and dieting that can fit around the rest of your life.

Here’s why you may need to stop dieting.


Why you need to STOP DIETING!

Unless you’re a competitive physique athlete (and in some cases, despite this), spending hours every day working harder in the gym and further restricting food simply isn’t needed for fat loss. There’s a point where it may actually be detrimental to your health, physique and your performance. And you know the WORST part?


I don’t just mean you don’t want to spend hours in the gym, or diet at 900 calories a day. I mean you don’t even want what you’re now training for. Initially you needed that, but now, you probably need to review your goals. And with this re-evaluation, you’ll probably find your goals have changed. What was a priority, now just isn’t a priority. And these new priorities require a WHOLE different approach.


The way out!

Even if you re evaluate and decide that your goals are EXACTLY the same, if you’re needing to go to extremes to get there then you’re focus needs to change. Rather than working  out crazy amounts, and dieting ALL THE TIME to get that minimal response, look at the bigger picture. Take some time to build your overall health. Spend time introducing more foods and getting healthy digestion. The “extra” time you used to spend training? Use it to relax and enjoy yourself. You may find you even start to sleep well again, and even become a little bit nicer with those around you!

Sure, still work out, but don’t let it rule everything else. Still track your diet, and don’t go from all in to all out. Just come out of your calorie deficit, eat at a maintenance for a while. Spend time on recovery. Do this well, and you’ll probably stay much leaner than you think. Want to know the best bit? When you get this right, you actually start to see improvement in health, body composition and performance by doing LESS! Sure, that may not last forever, but at least next time you decide to step it up a gear, you’ll see rapid progress again, and feel awesome doing it!


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Josh Kennedy MSc, ASCC, CSCS

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